Epson TM-L90

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The TM-L90 rev. B printing thermal labels and receipts to 150 mm per second with a resolution of 8 dots / mm at 203 dpi. Thanks to its attractive print grayscale ensures optimum results and a general high quality. This difference is particularly noticeable with logos and graphics.

For a smooth and quick maintenance, the TM-L90 rev. B features simple paper handling Epson ( "Drop-In"). Use various media formats with a width between 38 and 70, even 80 mm. Because of its integrated automatic cutter you can also use the TM-L90 rev. Label B endless. Optionally, receiving the TM-L90 rev. B with integrated peeler function: a special mechanism automatically removes the label from the carrier material after printing. Thus, users save valuable time, in addition to the cumbersome process of removing the label roll labels, especially when printed on demand applications. Install thermal printer in a way that saves space, either standing, lying or hanging on the wall. The built-in USB port and universal interface card (UIB), simplify the connection.

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