Zebra P4T

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The Zebra P4T is a portable printer that prints labels using direct thermal or thermal transfer technology. Therefore, it is ideal for warehouses, field work and retail trade. The P4T offers the functionality of a thermal transfer printer in a practical housing and also guarantees high performance at all times.

The Zebra P4T prints receipts and receipts with a width of up to 104 mm with 8 points / mm (203 dpi) at a maximum speed of 76 mm per second per direct thermo. Therefore, you can print high quality labels and receipts. The Zebra portable printer can be easily operated and conveniently carried next to a person's body. Its LCD screen is very readable, even while it is fixed on a tape of a person. All relevant information, such as report-status, battery indicator, etc. It shows very clearly. Therefore, the productivity of the Service Area will increase, which guarantees the ergonomics of his / her actions.

You can optionally purchase the Zebra P4T with Bluetooth 2.0 or Wi-Fi 802.11b / g. Protected by security protocols such as WPA, WPA2 and VPN, these wireless models can be used for all existing networks.

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Zebra AC adaptor

15-60 VDC adaptor, open ended cable, fits for: RW220, RW420, RW420 Print Station, P4T, RP4T, QLn, ZQ500 Series
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