Zebra RFID portátil ZQ520

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The falls, the blows and the extreme environments do not suppose any problem for these printers light and compact. The ZQ520 RFID printer from Zebra is among the most rugged printers on the market. It operates in the broadest operating temperature range in the industry and withstands falling over concrete from 2 m (6.6 ft). Water splashes are not a problem thanks to its IP54 rating. The Zebra Link-OS environment makes these specialized printers even easier to integrate, manage and maintain. With its large buttons and easy-to-use interface, they are easy to handle even when wearing gloves. The ZQ520 RFID printer is the only barcode printer that combines the convenience and flexibility of a portable printer with the improved traceability features of RFID UHF. The ZQ520 RFID printer extends the capabilities of Zebra's ZQ520 ultra-rugged portable printer by adding UHF RFID encoding and printing to produce RFID tags on demand when and where needed. With the same leading RFID technology offered by other Zebra RFID printers and encoders, the ZQ520 RFID printer can encode the most advanced electronic inserts. Its simple intuitive and easy-to-use design coupled with Zebra's proprietary flexible coding technology provides automatic RFID calibration and eliminates the complex RFID configuration. The ZQ520 RFID printer offers all the features of the standard version ZQ520, so it retains its position as the most reinforced portable printer in the industry. The RFID printer ZQ520 is ideal for the RFID labeling of pallets, boxes or items in a warehouse, RFID tagging of retail items and the labeling of samples for sanitary applications. Optimized for RFID printing on the fly, with the ZQ520 RFID printer you have the certainty that you can handle everything that comes your way. The ZQ520 RFID printer requires special ordering instructions. 

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Bundle, ZQ52- RFID

Bundle, ZQ52-AUN020E-NN, Mobile RFID ZQ520, Dual Radio (Bluetooth 3.0-WLAN), RFID Encoding, Linered Platen, English, Grouping E
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