System control register and presence hours

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System control register hours in order to check the proper implementation of the agreed schedules and the eventual realization of overtime.

Instruction 3/2016 of the Inspectorate of Labor and Social Security He believes that employers can not take refuge in flexible hours of the day to not remunerate overtime.

inspection decided to "intensify control over the compliance of working time." Specifically on the respect of the maximum working time, overtime and on compensation and correct quote.

Which sectors already have a timekeeping?
Currently, control of hours worked It is taking place in the banking, manufacturing industry, . Trade, vehicle repair, medical activities, social services, financierasy insurance activities

Inspectors and sub-inspectors are carrying out visits to check the following:

- & nbsp; & Nbsp; Checking performing overtime and that these do not exceed the legal maximum (80 hours annually)
- & nbsp; & Nbsp; Compensation and quote
- & nbsp; & Nbsp; Registry of the day by the company
- & nbsp; & Nbsp; That the representatives of workers are being informed of the completion of the hours worked

So far, the law only requires companies to record the daily schedule in order to compensate for overtime, if these were produced in the company. Otherwise, they were not required.

Following two judgments of the High Court (case Bankia and Abanca) judges conclude that companies must keep a daily record of the day of its workers, for inspectors work may determine "if they do not meet or exceed the limits of normal working hours".

the labor Inspectorate is being very strict in controlling overtime and severe with companies that do not meet coming to punish them.

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