Automatic labeling

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An automatic labeller is a machine that applies self-adhesives continuously. We will usually find them as part of a packaging and labeling line.

These systems can be completely automatic or semi-automatic, that is, they can work without any human intervention or simply, in the case of semiautomatic devices, with the help of an operator for the introduction or selection of the products to be labeled.

Most models of labeling machine have one or more heads for the application of self-adhesive, as well as systems of separation and alignment of the products for a precise labeling.

They also have a conveyor belt that drives the products, after packaging to the labeling area, with a table or lung, both arrival and accumulation at the exit of the machine for distribution or collection of labeled items.

Automatic labeling is one of the most important processes in the production and packaging chains, since it allows companies to identify and maintain traceability, differentiate their products with a personalized label and achieve added value in the fastest way.

In addition, the labels inform customers or users of very important aspects in products and their groupings. Thanks to the automated one can realize big volumes of labeled, so it is the most chosen option in large factories.

A good automatic labeling system, well optimized can achieve increases in productive capacity or be the bottleneck at the end of the production lines of any industry.

Example of use for bottle labeling: