Datalogic Cobalt 5300

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With the Cobalt CO5300 model, Datalogic brings an omnidirectional laser scanner that, thanks to its intelligent features, goes beyond the traditional characteristics of a presentation scanner. It is the ideal companion both at the point of sale in the retail trade - as well as in the smaller boutiques and shops - as well as for document management in the public sector and postal services. Its speed of reading, ergonomics and high intelligent characteristics, such as EAS-compatibility, make the Cobalt a powerful scanner with added value.

For a more efficient operation of the Cobalt has a revolving head of 30 ° exploration. If the scanner is not used for a longer time, it goes into standby mode, which barely consumes more electricity, thus saving costs. At the same time, it is immediately ready to use again once a bar code appears in the window. It reads standard 1D bar codes at a speed of 1,500 readings per second, thanks to its 20-line analysis window.

Connect the Cobalt easily through USB. To know the specific requirements of an RS232 port, keyboard emulation and IBM emulation are also available. In addition, its compatibility with the control of the EAS system (electronic article surveillance) allows the use when charging a safeguarded product.

OPOS and JAVAPOS additional drivers, as well as the Aladdin configuration tool, all of which are available for download, make it easier for you to integrate and adjust the scanner according to the requirements and the environment.