Datalogic Elf

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This product has been discontinued & replaced by Lynx and Skorpio X3
while the integrated 3-megapixel camera reads images and signatures. integrated flash provides optimal illumination, even in difficult lighting conditions. The duende is equipped with Datalogic patented Green Spot confirmation exploration as well as vibration and LED. The user receives a direct confirmation of the barcode after each test is satisfactory and can be sure that the barcode was recognized. This reduces the working time and increase productivity. Use the pre-license PAL to easily adapt the data collection needs

A selection of different wireless technologies are available for secure data transmission software. Bluetooth 2.0 EDR, 802. 11 a / b / g Cisco CCX V4 certified and UMTS HSDPA mobile voice and data communication. Furthermore a powerful A-GPS for navigation and positioning is standard available on the compact PDA, providing sophisticated features for each application.

The housing Elf Datalogic is robust enough to withstand falls again and again from heights up to 1.5 m. Additionally, IP64-certified and protects against dust, splashing water and other foreign objects. Within the temperature range of -10 ° and + 50 ° C, Elf runs smoothly. All users who spend most of their time working out and progress will treasure this function. This applies both to workers and courier services, fleet and warehouse management, as well as in other sectors

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