Honeywell CK71

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The CK71 model is noticeably smaller and lighter than other similar products. Despite this, it offers complete protection against moisture and dust, falls from a height of up to 2.40 m and other strains in the warehouses, in the production line and in the distribution centers. Through dual-band 802.11 a / b / g / n Wi-Fi users access data in real time at all times, communicate or quickly (still securely) connect to databank applications.

For this level of performance the appropriate industrial OMAP3 processor with 1 GHz is difficult at work. Several variants with different keyboards, wireless components, 1D and 2D imagers of barcodes and software services.
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Honeywell vehicle power adapter

Honeywell 3-pin vehicle adapter cable (from cigarette lighter to snap-on adapter), fits for: CN70/CK70 series
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Honeywell power supply

Universal Supply (12V 48W, RA 2.5x5.5 Level V). Honeywell power supplies are specially designed to work with your Honeywell devices to provide continuous ser...
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Honeywell FlexDock Desktop Dock

Desktop FlexDock - CK70, CK71, CK75 - Supports one CK70, CK71 or CK75 for charging and ethernet or modem or USB host communications, as well as USB client co...
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