Honeywell Orbit 7120

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The practical but robust Orbit 7120 is especially designed for applications that require an elegant design with a minimum of space required. The Orbit 7120 is an aggressive omnidirectional laser barcode reader. Not only is it intended for use as a stand-up projection scanner - its low weight of only 380 g makes it possible for its use as an omnidirectional hand scanner as well (for example, for scanning large and bulky objects that are not you can lift in the cash desk).

The scanner is activated automatically, each time a barcode enters the scan range of the integrated infrared sensor. As it is an omnidirectional scanner, it is not necessary to align to a scan line. As a result, the Orbit 7120 is a very time-saving scanner with very good operating ergonomics. A high scanning speed of 1,120 readings per second, a sophisticated form and many other advantages make this scanner the perfect choice for cash box systems in luxury stores, boutiques, pharmacies, gas stations, tobacconists and 24-hour stores.