Zebra TC20

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Affordable mobile computer with flexibility smartphone

with the TC20, Zebra offers users of small and medium enterprises tool ideal for increasing the efficiency and profitability of their processes and to save time, money and effort. The mobile computer with Android 7.0 looks like a smartphone and fits in your pocket. It is a multi-talented in retail, hospitality and warehouses. Use as a scanner bar code 1D and 2D as an 8 megapixel camera (optional), such as a walkie-talkie and, of course, for mobile Internet access. All functions are easily accessible, as the scanner, both righties and lefties activated by simply pressing a button

The intuitive MDA is designed primarily for the demanding business world. The multi-touch screen is made of glass and Gorilla robust housing is certified by IP54 against dust and moisture. When the battery is empty, simply connect the optional PowerPack and continue operation without interruption. The TC20 communicates via WLAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / o / d / r / h / I, more Bluetooth 4.2. As needed, it is available with or without keyboard

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Zebra RFD2000, RFID (UHF)

RFID reader/writer, UHF (865-868MHz), barcode scanner (1D/2D), IP52, scan rate: 700 tags/sec., incl.: battery (3160 mAh, Li-Ion), fits for: TC20 RFID Ready
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USB C Cable - TC20, TC25

USB C Cable - TC20, TC25 - Requires USB Power Adapter (PWR-WUA5V12W0EU or PWR-WUA5V12W0GB) for charging via AC Wall Outlet or requires USB Cigarette Lighter...
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Soporte de montaje RAM

Soporte para montaje en RAM, incluye: 1x copa de succión Twist Lock, 1x Adaptador de base de diamante, 1x doble brazo de zócalo, se adapta a: cunas para vehí...
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